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UK Music 2017 Manifesto – MusicTank

UK Music 2017 Manifesto

03 Nov 2017

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UK Music is the umbrella organisation which represents the collective interests of the UK’s commercial music industry from artists, musicians, songwriters and composers, to record labels, music managers, music publishers, studio producers, music licensing organisations and the live music industry.  Its members are trade organisations and CMOs representing individuals and companies across these disiciplines.

The UK’s creative industries are of huge economic and cultural importance.  They contribute £87.4 billion to the economy, and have an export value of £19.8 billion.  One in 11 jobs are in the creative sector, which is second only to the US in terms of cultural soft power.

Playing a fundamental role in this success is the UK’s world-conquering music industry.  The sector contributed £4.1 billion to the economy in 2015, a figure which has grown 17% over the space of four years.  The UK is home to diverse and innovative music companies and artists, writers and musicians, forming a dynamic ecosystem consistently delivering for music fans.  It is also a nation which attracts 27.7 million visits each year to live music events and venues, such as Glastonbury Festival and the O2 Arena.

Yet despite this success, there’s a need to sound a note of caution.  To maintain growth and withstand the challenges that may be presented over the next five years the Government needs to put creative industries at the heart of Brexit negotiations and devise an industrial strategy to safeguard sectors like music and allow them to develop further.  To do this, UK Music has prepared this manifesto which establishes a five-point plan as the basis for securing the right framework in the coming years:

  • International Action
  • Regional Development
  • Intellectual Property
  • Skills and Education
  • Finance and Investment

Publ. May 2017