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Victims of Viagogo - A Self Help Guide

19 Mar 2018

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Written by campaigning stalwart, and one-time victim of Viagogo mis-selling, Claire Turnham’s guide to pursuing secondary ticketing platforms for full refunds has been updated, courtesy of FanFair Alliance.

Many people feel unhappy after buying tickets for above face value on resale sites such as Viagogo, StubHub, Get Me In! and Seatwave.

All these sites are currently under investigation by the Competition & Markets Authority for potential breaches of UK consumer law, while in March 2018 the Advertising Standards Authority banned them from using misleading pricing information.

If you believe you were misled by a ticket resale site, or they breached the above legislation/rulings, FanFair Alliance recommends the following advice from Claire Turnham, founder of the Victim of Viagogo #VofV Facebook group, in order to instigate a refund or chargeback.

These self-help tips are not guaranteed.  You will need perseverance – potentially *lots* of perseverance. However, they have proved successful for a growing number of people.

To date, more than £200,000 has been successfully refunded to individuals in the form of chargebacks from their bank or credit card company.

The guidance is for UK ticket buyers only, and specifically for those facing issues with Viagogo.
However, it could be adapted for other ticket resale sites and for other countries.
Fanfair Alliance; Publ. Mar 2018