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Who’s Writing The Hits? 2014 in Review – MusicTank

Who's Writing The Hits? 2014 in Review

28 Feb 2015

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Unless you’re in the music industry or a hardcore music fan, names such as Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Henry Walter, and Savan Kotecha probably don’t ring a bell.

Most casual music fans are completely unaware that today’s mainstream hits are crafted by teams of behind-thes-cenes writers and performing artists, all of whom work together toward one core goal – getting their music to as many ears as possible.

They come from all around the world – male and female, young and “old” (by mainstream standards) and a range of ethnicities. Despite their differences, they all share a few core attributes – they’re masters at their craft, persistent, in tune with the artist’s core target audience, and blessed with a stroke of luck.

This e-book was written to both give well-deserved recognition to these hitmakers as well as to acquaint aspiring songwriters and producers with the people they should be studying to help take their craft to the next level and gear them for success in today’s music industry.


In 2014, 199 credited songwriters were involved in crafting the 59 songs that charted within the Top 10 of the Hot 100. One surpassed all others with 8; 29 scored two or more. The highest honor – a #1 hit – was attained by 51.

Among them are seasoned hitmakers such as Max Martin and Dr. Luke, and others are relative newcomers such as Jimmy Napes, Meghan Trainor, and Sam Smith, the latter two of whom are also the performing artists.

Above all, 2014 was about collaboration. Ninety percent of songs were co-written by teams consisting of two or more writers. But some solo writers also saw success – one who made people feel very “Happy,” and one whose song had the greatest staying power of all the top 10 hits.

Regardless of how many hits these writers have scored or how high they’ve charted, they’ve all attained a distinction that very few songwriters can claim.

Publ. 2015, Hit Songs Deconstructed