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Our music business news archive features the most relevant daily music business news selected from key press, designed as a quick and easy way for you to keep up-to-date with the latest industry issues. 

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26 Sep 2016

NEWS: Record Labels Welcome Rise from Streaming, But Songwriters Aren't Smiling Yet bit.ly/2cZz83E

22 Sep 2016

NEWS: We've Reached Peak Curation In Music. Can Collisions Save Us From Ourselves? bit.ly/2cTMH0p


19 Sep 2016

NEWS: .@MercuryPrize for @Skepta puts grime in the mainstream on.ft.com/2cBVlSd #mondaymotivation #GRIME

16 Sep 2016

NEWS: Mercury Prize: Grime star Skepta wins music award bbc.in/2d2Msjr

01 Sep 2016

NEWS: Celebrity YouTube promotion fee '$187,000 on average' bbc.in/2bFpT58 #ThursdayThoughts

31 Aug 2016

NEWS: "Blurred Lines" Appeal Gets Support From More Than 200 Musicians bit.ly/2cdWQXS

30 Aug 2016

NEWS: Spotify might not suppress search, but that doesn’t mean artists treated equally tcrn.ch/2bPin8m

30 Aug 2016

NEWS: We need to talk about DJs & depression bbc.in/2bOJ6SD @sallysharp @DrGMusgrave @iambenga @RUSTIE

11 Jul 2016

NEWS: The Official UK Top 10 Singles Chart is starting to get pretty boring bit.ly/29DiF0W

11 Jul 2016

NEWS: PRSforMusic announced financials in May, but now official filings have emerged through Companies House

07 Jul 2016

NEWS: The Official Top 40 Biggest Songs of 2016 so far revealed bit.ly/29jWE3S

04 Jul 2016

NEWS: Rock stars go to war with YouTube at their peril bit.ly/29kte9e @Eamonn_Forde

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: Sampled or stolen? Untangling the knotty world of hip-hop #copyright #musiccopyright bit.ly/28Yg4xj

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: YouTube Announces Mobile Live Streaming, New Original Series bit.ly/28VtyYd #streaming #live

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: Prince estate case to be held behind closed doors as media denied access bit.ly/28Y5bLU

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: Will Brexit affect touring musicians? bbc.in/28XNpHr @mrdiscopop

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: What Brexit Means For The U.K. Music Business bit.ly/290dclv @rsmirke

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: BREXIT - How A UK Exit From European Union Would Affect Global Music Industry bit.ly/28RjVcM

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: A 'Stairway to Heaven' Appeal Would be a Fruitless Climb, Attorneys Say bit.ly/291uzkc

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: The Safe Harbor debate & whether a change to European law could damage YouTube bit.ly/28Rolkg