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21 Sep 2016

NEWS: The Music Industry Is Finally Making Money on Streaming #WednesdayWisdom

01 Sep 2016

NEWS: @BMG Posts €182 Million in Half-Year Earnings

31 Aug 2016

NEWS: @BMG Revenues Top $200m In H1 2016,With An 18% Profit Margin #MusicBusiness #musicnews

12 Jul 2016

NEWS: Apple: Piper Pegs a Tidal Deal Price at Half a Billion $$

07 Jul 2016

NEWS: Sony Music Investigated by Rdio for Alleged Collusion in Streaming Music

07 Jul 2016

NEWS: U.S. Record Industry Sees Album Sales Sink to Historic Lows (Again)

06 Jul 2016

NEWS: Spotify > YouTube as audio streaming surpasses music videos

05 Jul 2016

NEWS: Is Spotify taking the nuclear option in its war with Apple?

04 Jul 2016

NEWS: Apple Slams Spotify, Says App Already Violates App Store Rules

01 Jul 2016

NEWS: Apple in Talks to Acquire Jay Z’s Tidal Music Service

30 Jun 2016

NEWS: Why Is Spotify More Valuable Than Pandora?…

28 Jun 2016

NEWS: Yonder Music Unlocks The Emerging Market Opportunity

28 Jun 2016

NEWS: Songkick partners with MMF to 'fight touts' and connect with fans

23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Missing the boat in music

23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Why Taylor Swift and the Music Industry's New Attack on YouTube Is a Mistake

23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Big music’s misguided assault on YouTube

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: Taylor Swift,McCartney Among 180 Artists Signing Petition For Digital Copyright Reform

16 Jun 2016

NEWS: Beers, Blue Jeans and Broadcast Radio vs. Pandora

13 Jun 2016

NEWS: Is YouTube Building A New Music Industry?

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