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26 Sep 2016

NEWS: How do we solve Britain’s ‘boring’ music scene?

26 Sep 2016

NEWS: Sadiq Khan plans tough new rules for developers as he wades into Curzon cinema row

22 Sep 2016

NEWS: 8.1 Percent of What? Why the Record Business Is Celebrating #musicindustry

21 Sep 2016

NEWS: The Modern Music Business Midway Through 2016

19 Sep 2016

NEWS: .@MercuryPrize for @Skepta puts grime in the mainstream #mondaymotivation #GRIME

30 Aug 2016

NEWS: We need to talk about DJs & depression @sallysharp @DrGMusgrave @iambenga @RUSTIE

11 Jul 2016

NEWS: @UKMusic Diversity Taskforce Launch Workforce Survey See also

07 Jul 2016

NEWS: The Official Top 40 Biggest Songs of 2016 so far revealed

06 Jul 2016

NEWS: ‘Just’ 5% Of UK Internet Users Are Hardcore Pirates

05 Jul 2016


01 Jul 2016

NEWS: ‘For Grime To Flourish, Music Biz Must Make Right Decisions,’ Says Expert

01 Jul 2016

NEWS: Apple in Talks to Acquire Jay Z’s Tidal Music Service

28 Jun 2016

NEWS: Yonder Music Unlocks The Emerging Market Opportunity

28 Jun 2016

NEWS: Songkick partners with MMF to 'fight touts' and connect with fans

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: European Commission, IFPI, BPI, AIM and Others' Full Statements on Britain's Exit

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: What Brexit Means For The U.K. Music Business @rsmirke

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: BREXIT - How A UK Exit From European Union Would Affect Global Music Industry

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: Quick Take: Brexit And The Uk Media And Tech Sectors

22 Jun 2016

NEWS: Which Hits Shazam Can Help You Spot Early

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: The music industry must innovate to tackle secondary ticketing rip-offs @Alison_Lamb

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