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19 Sep 2016

NEWS: BMI Rate-Court Judge Rules Against Dept. of Justice's '100 Percent' Licensing Decision #musicbusinesslaw

11 Jul 2016

NEWS: Concerns Loom Over U.K. Music Business' Future in Wake of Brexit Vote

11 Jul 2016

NEWS: PRSforMusic announced financials in May, but now official filings have emerged through Companies House

07 Jul 2016

NEWS: UK Bill Introduces 10 Year Prison Sentence for Online Pirates

06 Jul 2016

NEWS: U.K.'s Digital Economy Bill Introduced,Would Allow Retransmission Fees #DigitalEconomy

06 Jul 2016

NEWS: ‘Just’ 5% Of UK Internet Users Are Hardcore Pirates

06 Jul 2016

NEWS: 'Disappointing': Publishing Industry Expresses Confusion, Concern Over Sweeping Dept. of Justice Decision

06 Jul 2016

NEWS: Collins Statement on DOJ Consent Decrees Review #musiclaw

28 Jun 2016

NEWS: Could Brexit Actually Be Good For The Music Business?

28 Jun 2016

NEWS: Brexit - What Next For The UK Live Music Industry?

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: European Commission, IFPI, BPI, AIM and Others' Full Statements on Britain's Exit

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: Will Brexit affect touring musicians? @mrdiscopop

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: What Brexit Means For The U.K. Music Business @rsmirke

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: BREXIT - How A UK Exit From European Union Would Affect Global Music Industry

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: The Safe Harbor debate & whether a change to European law could damage YouTube

22 Jun 2016

NEWS: IMPALA welcomes call from European Parliamentarians to close the value gap

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: Taylor Swift,McCartney Among 180 Artists Signing Petition For Digital Copyright Reform

14 Jun 2016

NEWS: The UK Leaving the #EU Would Change the European Music Industry #EUVote #UKMusic

01 Jun 2016

NEWS: Music World Bands Together Against YouTube, Seeking Change to Law #musicindustrylaw

24 May 2016

NEWS: Draft Law Orders Google to Remove Pirate Site Unblocking Advice #musiclaw

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