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23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Why Taylor Swift and the Music Industry's New Attack on YouTube Is a Mistake

23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Big music’s misguided assault on YouTube

22 Jun 2016

NEWS: Which Hits Shazam Can Help You Spot Early

22 Jun 2016

NEWS: IMPALA welcomes call from European Parliamentarians to close the value gap

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: Thoughts On The Open Music Initiative @thetrichordist

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: Taylor Swift,McCartney Among 180 Artists Signing Petition For Digital Copyright Reform

20 Jun 2016

NEWS: Get well, Mr Loaf: is it wrong that artists must gig so much?

14 Jun 2016

NEWS: @AIF_UK warns against @PRSforMusic price hike & calls for separate festival tariff

13 Jun 2016

NEWS: Is YouTube Building A New Music Industry?

08 Jun 2016

NEWS: Sources Insist: iTunes Music Downloads Dead In 2-3 Years… @digitalmusicnws

03 Jun 2016

NEWS: The Music Industry's Big Data Problem @bobbyowsinski See also:

03 Jun 2016

NEWS: Kraftwerk's defeat in sampling lawsuit doesn't set a precedent @Eamonn_Forde #musiclaw

01 Jun 2016

NEWS: Music World Bands Together Against YouTube, Seeking Change to Law #musicindustrylaw

01 Jun 2016

NEWS: Kraftwerk loses German hip-hop copyright case in top court #musiclaw #musicbusiness

31 May 2016

NEWS: Warner Music Group Just Spent $1bn On A&R Within 12 Months

25 May 2016

NEWS: Survey launched -The Music Industry & Mental Health:Can Music Make You Sick? Pls share

23 May 2016

NEWS: Music Biz Figures & Artists Urge UK To 'Stay In Europe' - Signed open letter #Brexit

20 May 2016

NEWS: Vinyl sales bigger than YouTube for British artists @bpi_music

18 May 2016

NEWS: New Deal Allows Indie Publishers and Songwriters to Profit from DJs' Work

18 May 2016

NEWS: Petition "Enforce the Consumer Rights Act to protect music fans from touts" by Tudhope

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