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04 Jul 2016

NEWS: Apple Slams Spotify, Says App Already Violates App Store Rules

30 Jun 2016

NEWS: Signs Its First Major Label Deal with Warner Music

30 Jun 2016

NEWS: Why Is Spotify More Valuable Than Pandora?…

28 Jun 2016

NEWS: Yonder Music Unlocks The Emerging Market Opportunity

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: Sampled or stolen? Untangling the knotty world of hip-hop #copyright #musiccopyright

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: YouTube Announces Mobile Live Streaming, New Original Series #streaming #live

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: Quick Take: Brexit And The Uk Media And Tech Sectors

23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Missing the boat in music

23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Why Taylor Swift and the Music Industry's New Attack on YouTube Is a Mistake

23 Jun 2016

NEWS: Big music’s misguided assault on YouTube

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: Thoughts On The Open Music Initiative @thetrichordist

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: Taylor Swift,McCartney Among 180 Artists Signing Petition For Digital Copyright Reform

20 Jun 2016

NEWS: ASX blocks Guvera initial public offering

16 Jun 2016

NEWS: YouTube is built on the back of stolen content says Trent Reznor

15 Jun 2016

NEWS: Twitter Invests $70m In Soundcloud Two Years After Walking Away From $1bn Deal

14 Jun 2016

NEWS: Why Apple Music Matters So Much To Apple @AppleMusic @Mark_Mulligan #musicindustrynews

13 Jun 2016

NEWS: Is YouTube Building A New Music Industry?

13 Jun 2016

NEWS: Amazon Plans Standalone Music Streaming Service, Will Bolster Popular Echo Device

09 Jun 2016

NEWS: The Headwinds Facing Music Startups #musicstartups #musicindustrynews

09 Jun 2016

NEWS: Digitizing the Music Industry’s Data

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