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Our music business news archive features the most relevant daily music business news selected from key press, designed as a quick and easy way for you to keep up-to-date with the latest industry issues. 

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20 Jun 2016

NEWS: SFX Entertainment Exits Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Unexpectedly bit.ly/28IePVv

16 Jun 2016

NEWS: Gender Equality in Music: The Beginnings of a New Movement Involving Men and Women huff.to/1UXet8X

14 Jun 2016

NEWS: The UK Leaving the #EU Would Change the European Music Industry bit.ly/25ZHg4B #EUVote #UKMusic

10 Jun 2016

NEWS: Guy Hands accused of 'hazy memory' over EMI deal bit.ly/1Uqkn2g

08 Jun 2016

NEWS: Guy Hands sues Citigroup for second time over EMI deal bbc.in/1UowXPG #musiclaw

07 Jun 2016

NEWS: Building Attention-Holding Habits — Gaming Industry Lessons for the Music Biz bit.ly/1XA33ip

07 Jun 2016

NEWS: Pandora Teams With Music Reports in Bid for Fuller Royalty Transparency bit.ly/1VJI9LM

06 Jun 2016

NEWS: Guy Hands Reopens Battle With Citi Over Disaster EMI Deal - on.ft.com/1X6tPhr

03 Jun 2016

NEWS: What Happened To Twitter's Music Strategy? @cheriehu42 onforb.es/1UjepjX #musicbusiness #musicnews

02 Jun 2016

NEWS: Mary Meeker's 2016 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis on.recode.net/1RPKVbl @MaryMeekerM

31 May 2016

NEWS: The Music Industry Is Still Struggling To Make The Internet Pay bit.ly/1VrT24F

26 May 2016

NEWS: The 2 Spotify Charts You Need To See bit.ly/1TBQtsl @Mark_Mulligan @Spotify

25 May 2016

NEWS: Survey launched -The Music Industry & Mental Health:Can Music Make You Sick? bit.ly/1qJkLBf Pls share

24 May 2016

NEWS: ICE (licensing & processing service) announces 1st licence agreement with Google Play bit.ly/1TtVvwj

23 May 2016

NEWS: Ticket fraud: Social media sites 'must do more to tackle issue' bbc.in/1s4aIYG #ticketing #live

20 May 2016

NEWS: Vinyl sales bigger than YouTube for British artists @bpi_music bit.ly/1U456DT

18 May 2016

NEWS: Universal Music Appeals Vkontakte Piracy Lawsuit bit.ly/1rTydUb #musicpiracy #piracy #musiclaw @UMG

18 May 2016

NEWS: How to manage mental health: the music industry's new priority bit.ly/1R7PLk0 #MHAW16 #musicindustry

17 May 2016

NEWS: Brexit & the music industry - What will it mean? bit.ly/200Vxu8 | See also: bit.ly/EUmusic

16 May 2016

NEWS: Decentralising the music industry with #blockchain (@imogenheap) bit.ly/23UY3Df #ukmusicindustry