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30 Jun 2016

NEWS: "Happy Birthday" Officially Enters Public Domain

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: Sampled or stolen? Untangling the knotty world of hip-hop #copyright #musiccopyright

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: Prince estate case to be held behind closed doors as media denied access

27 Jun 2016

NEWS: European Commission, IFPI, BPI, AIM and Others' Full Statements on Britain's Exit

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: A 'Stairway to Heaven' Appeal Would be a Fruitless Climb, Attorneys Say

24 Jun 2016

NEWS: The Safe Harbor debate & whether a change to European law could damage YouTube

21 Jun 2016

NEWS: Taylor Swift,McCartney Among 180 Artists Signing Petition For Digital Copyright Reform

15 Jun 2016

NEWS: The Boss vs. the bad bots: More laws aren’t the answer to ticket scalpers #ticketing

15 Jun 2016

NEWS: Foo Fighters Accuse Lloyd's of London, Robertson Taylor of 'Des

08 Jun 2016

NEWS: Guvera says it is misunderstood after 'terrifying' IPO claims #IPO

07 Jun 2016

NEWS: Pandora Teams With Music Reports in Bid for Fuller Royalty Transparency

03 Jun 2016

NEWS: Kraftwerk's defeat in sampling lawsuit doesn't set a precedent @Eamonn_Forde #musiclaw

01 Jun 2016

NEWS: Kraftwerk loses German hip-hop copyright case in top court #musiclaw #musicbusiness

31 May 2016

NEWS: @YouTube Threatens Legal Action Against Video Downloader #MusicVideo #musicnews

25 May 2016

NEWS: EU recording industry loses €170 million annually due to music piracy #piracy

24 May 2016

NEWS: Draft Law Orders Google to Remove Pirate Site Unblocking Advice #musiclaw

24 May 2016

NEWS: Viagogo & StubHub Among #SecondaryTicketing Sites Breaking UK Law @rsmirke #musiclaw

18 May 2016

NEWS: Universal Music Appeals Vkontakte Piracy Lawsuit #musicpiracy #piracy #musiclaw @UMG

18 May 2016

NEWS: Petition "Enforce the Consumer Rights Act to protect music fans from touts" by Tudhope

17 May 2016

NEWS: 3.5yr Prison sentence for UK ticket fraudster John Lupton #touting #tickets

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