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24 May 2016

NEWS: Viagogo & StubHub Among #SecondaryTicketing Sites Breaking UK Law @rsmirke #musiclaw

23 May 2016

NEWS: Music Biz Figures & Artists Urge UK To 'Stay In Europe' - Signed open letter #Brexit

18 May 2016

NEWS: Petition "Enforce the Consumer Rights Act to protect music fans from touts" by Tudhope

18 May 2016

NEWS: How to manage mental health: the music industry's new priority #MHAW16 #musicindustry

17 May 2016

NEWS: Brexit & the music industry - What will it mean? | See also:

17 May 2016

NEWS: UK Govt Targets @google and @facebook in #Piracy Crackdown #UKGov #ukmusicindustry

16 May 2016

NEWS: Maria Schneider - Open Letter to @YouTube, “Pushers” of Piracy @schneidermaria #piracy

11 May 2016

NEWS: U.K. Government Announces Anti-Piracy Strategy, Safe Harbor Review @rsmirke #piracy

09 May 2016

NEWS: Mumford & Sons and Little Mix lead calls to take on ticket #touts #toutsout #UKMusic

06 May 2016

NEWS: 'It's a System That Is Rigged Against the Artists': The War Against YouTube @YouTube

03 May 2016

NEWS: Germany Passes New Bill Governing Collective Management Societies…

25 Apr 2016

NEWS: Whittingdale hailed donor’s music firm…

22 Apr 2016

NEWS: It’s been a busy week for lawsuits & regulatory challenges, David Balfour looks at the challenges

18 Apr 2016

NEWS: #EU digital chief calls on @YouTube to pay music artists more… #musicindustry

08 Apr 2016

NEWS: The MU has reaffirmed its support for Britain remaining part of the EU @WeAreTheMU

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