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16 May 2016

NEWS: Facebook tests “music” videos to keep eyeballs from @YouTube @claireatki #MusicVideo

11 May 2016

NEWS: Amazon Targets YouTube With New Online Video Posting Service #musicindustry

10 May 2016

NEWS: Spotify must now break its ‘everything free’ rule – but at what cost?

10 May 2016

NEWS: Mercury Prize - Music fans will be allowed to vote @MercuryPrize #ukmusicindustry

10 May 2016

NEWS: HMV moves ahead of Tesco as second biggest entertainment retailer #musicretail

03 May 2016

NEWS: Using Spotify to measure the popularity of older music

28 Apr 2016

NEWS: After The Album: How Playlists Are Re-Defining Listening #musicindustry

28 Apr 2016

NEWS: How Beyoncé’s Lemonade Is Making $3m A Day – While Saving Jay Z’s Business

27 Apr 2016

NEWS: After The Album: How Playlists Are Re-Defining Listening @midiaresearch

26 Apr 2016

NEWS: Official Charts Company tweaks Trending Chart… @officialcharts

22 Apr 2016

NEWS: Obama on Prince 'Few artists have influenced popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people'

13 Apr 2016

NEWS: Facebook might be about to change everything in music using Vertical Reality…

12 Apr 2016

NEWS: IFPI First Take: Declining Legacy Formats Continue To Hold Back Growth @IFPI_org

12 Apr 2016

NEWS: Big Data, Big Deal: How Facts & Stats Are Reshaping The Music Industry: Paper:

12 Apr 2016

NEWS: Recovering music biz still can’t cash in on YouTube…

11 Apr 2016

NEWS: The Australian music industry's revenue has gone up for the first time in three years…

08 Apr 2016

NEWS: Andy Edwards - I ♥ Lawyers and Accountants x… @andyedwardsbiz @RecordOfTheDay

08 Apr 2016

NEWS: The MU has reaffirmed its support for Britain remaining part of the EU @WeAreTheMU

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