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22 Apr 2016

NEWS: Obama on Prince 'Few artists have influenced popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people'

21 Apr 2016

NEWS: Another creative genius lost... Prince, singer and superstar, dies at

21 Apr 2016

NEWS: David Lowery Legal Team Files Motion Addressing @Spotify's Forthcoming Publishing Settlement… @thetrichordist

20 Apr 2016

NEWS: BBC Radio 1 to ditch overseas acts for more homegrown talent…

18 Apr 2016

NEWS: #EU digital chief calls on @YouTube to pay music artists more… #musicindustry

18 Apr 2016

NEWS: @YouTube Funds Program to Develop New Musical Talent Videos @Lucas_Shaw #musicindustry

14 Apr 2016

NEWS: Music streaming boosts sales of vinyl…

11 Apr 2016

NEWS: How music streaming service exclusives make pirating tempting again #streaming

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