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26 Apr 2016

NEWS: PPL celebrates record financial performance in 2015 @PPLUK

25 Apr 2016

NEWS: Labels step up YouTube fight over music…

22 Apr 2016

NEWS: In-flight music company willfully violated @UMG copyrights: U.S. judge…

21 Apr 2016

NEWS: @Sony Operating Profit 9.4% Below Forecast on Impairment Charge @Takashi__Amano

21 Apr 2016

NEWS: David Lowery Legal Team Files Motion Addressing @Spotify's Forthcoming Publishing Settlement… @thetrichordist

21 Apr 2016

NEWS: Sony Music Rivals Said to Seek EU Action on Michael Jackson Deal

20 Apr 2016

NEWS: Is YouTube a music industry devil or buzz-making deity?…

19 Apr 2016

NEWS: Sony/ ATV Music Publishing And SoundCloud Announce Multi-Territory Partnership (via @RecordOfTheDay)

18 Apr 2016

NEWS: Warner/Chappell UK boss Richard Manners is leaving the major publisher after 17 years @warnermusic

18 Apr 2016

NEWS: 5 Takeaways From the IFPI's Country-by-Country Report on the Global Record Business

14 Apr 2016

NEWS: Report - Global recorded music revenues grow in 2015: Back from the dead…

14 Apr 2016

NEWS: Music streaming boosts sales of vinyl…

13 Apr 2016

NEWS: The IFPI Revealing A 3.2% Growth In Industry Revenues To $15bn

12 Apr 2016

NEWS: IFPI First Take: Declining Legacy Formats Continue To Hold Back Growth @IFPI_org

11 Apr 2016

NEWS: The Australian music industry's revenue has gone up for the first time in three years…

11 Apr 2016

NEWS: How music streaming service exclusives make pirating tempting again #streaming

11 Apr 2016

NEWS: YouTube vs Top 3 Labels To Renegotiate Licensing Deals With Streaming Giant

08 Apr 2016

NEWS: Andy Edwards - I ♥ Lawyers and Accountants x… @andyedwardsbiz @RecordOfTheDay

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