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Alison Lamb – Product Manager, SO Recordings – MusicTank

Alison Lamb - Product Manager, SO Recordings

Alison Lamb is a Product Manager at SO Recordings (part of Silva Screen Group). Over the course of 2015, Alison worked on debut album releases from Demob Happy, Broken Hands and Only Rivals plus the third album from Dinosaur Pile-Up. Alison is involved in all stages of setting up releases, from initial product set-up to for developing and implementing the digital marketing campaigns for all artists on the rosta. During her time at SO Recordings, Alison has also worked on the US facing album releases from Fenech-Soler, Morning Parade and Apache Relay and has a strong knowledge of the marketplace. Previous to SO Recordings, Alison held the role of Trade Marketing Manager at Believe Digital.

Alison is a regular contributor to Midem blog and has also contributed pieces to MusicTank. Public speaking includes Fast Forward conference 2016, Midem’s 2014 Wrap Panel, The Great Escape, Generator Music and Swn Festival.