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Andrew Keen – Silicon Valley insider & author, “The Cult Of The Amateur” – MusicTank

Andrew Keen - Silicon Valley insider & author, "The Cult Of The Amateur"

Andrew Keen is an English digital media entrepreneur and Silicon Valley insider whose popular writing about culture, media and technology has been featured in many newspapers and magazines including The Weekly Standard, BusinessWeek, Esquire, and The Guardian, as well as on his own weblog.

He hosts the acclaimed podcast show, AfterTV, and his views have generated a firestorm of interest, not least his recent  book, “Cult of the Amateur – How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture and Assaulting Our Economy”,  in which he opines that our most valued cultural institutions – our professional newspapers, magazines, music, and movies – are being overtaken by an avalanche of amateur, user-generated free content.TheCult


“Every good movement needs a contrarian. Web 2.0 has Andrew Keen” – The San Francisco Chronicle

“Andrew Keen is a brilliant, witty, classically-educated technoscold – and thank goodness. The world needs an intellectual Goliath to slay Web 2.0’s army of Davids” – Jonathan Last, Online Editor, The Weekly Standard