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Andy Cleary – Producer, Spin Music – MusicTank

Andy Cleary – Producer, Spin Music

Andy has worked in the heart of the music industry for over 15 years.  His early financial background led him to running royalty investigations for a couple of years on behalf of artists, labels and the MCPS.

Then, aged 24, he was made MD of Profile Records which at the time was America’s hippest rap label.  After nearly ten years of developing the label and its associated publishing company around the world outside North America, he went on to run Edel Records and the Jammin’ Music Group.

Andy’s record industry career saw many hit record success stories, Run DMC and Prince being just two of them.  It also saw him play a central role politically within the industry, sitting on the boards of the BPI, the BRITS, AIM, and PPL.  Andy remains a trustee of the Brit Trust.