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Andy Farrow – Founder, Northern Music Co – MusicTank

Andy Farrow - Founder, Northern Music Co

His involvement in the music business began whilst still at school in the early 80’s where he managed bands and set up a punk co-operative label, Apathy Products, that promoted Crass at a benefit gig to get the operation going.

After completing a degree he formed AMF Music who promoted gigs in West Yorkshire, ran rehearsal rooms and booked bands. Before long this company merged with Far North Music – a management company that was fighting against the London bias of the music industry, now called Northern Music.

By the age of 21, he had secured his first major record deal with Warner’s for one of his acts and was also scouting for 8 other record labels. This led to the signing of more than 10 acts to labels including EMI, Chrysalis, China, Island Music, Music For Nations and RCA.

During the last 14 years, Northern Music has been consistently successful in the rock music genre, gaining over 20 Top 30 Album chart positions across Europe, and achieving sales in excess of one million units.

Currently working with 6 acts signed to a range of major and independent labels, he has developed one of the most cutting edge rock rostra in the UK.

Current projects include new albums for Skindred (Bieler Bros/Universal), Paradise Lost (BMG), Opeth (MFN), One Minute Silence (Taste Media), Million Dead (Integrity) and Jan Cyrka (EMI Music).

At the beginning of 2003 he became a Director in a new Scandinavian label, Versity Music, and is in charge of its UK division.