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Andy Mcleod – Music Promoter & Director, Club Fandango – MusicTank

Andy Mcleod - Music Promoter & Director, Club Fandango

Club Fandango is an independent live promotions enterprise based in Highbury, North London, founded by Andy Mcleod (Pointy Records) and business partner Simon Williams (Fierce Panda) – two bastions of London’s alternative promoting circuit.

Launched as a weekly event in March 2001 at the Dublin Castle in Camden Town, Club Fandango has since expanded to oversee an average of four shows a week in London and many more across the UK working with a hearty variety of partners and an alarmingly broad range of musical sounds.

What the main protagonists have lost over the years is a lot of sleep and a little bit of hair. What they have garnered over that same period of time is a watertight reputation for efficiency, honesty and a darned good ear for top new music while developing a musical Fandango community which now embraces a record company, an online MP3 shop and an annual urban mini-festival.

After nine years’ hard work in the promoting trenches scuttling from venue to venue, Club Fandango has finally found a place it can call its own. As of June 1st 2010 Club Fandango has taken over the day-to-day booking at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town.