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Anthony Cauchi – Outside Line – MusicTank

Anthony Cauchi - Outside Line

Anthony worked for EMI Records for 8 years under a variety of roles, but during the last 5 years as new media manager for the Parlophone label. In that capacity, he was responsible for looking after online campaigns and development for bands such as Blur, Radiohead, Supergrass, and The Beatles, etc.

He set up his own company, Outside Line, some 2½ years ago, specialising in developing creative new media campaigns for entertainment clients.

During the last 2 years, this company has grown from 2 to 18 people, and now spans 4 different areas: Marketing, Development, Mobile and Communities.

Working across a range of projects from The Beatles to Metallica and 50 Cent, the company develops and implements a variety of online campaigns for clients working across all new media platforms.