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Ben Dawson – Co-founder & Product Director, Immersive Album – MusicTank

Ben Dawson - Co-founder & Product Director, Immersive Album

Ben has spent his life immersed in music. Born to professional musicians, his early years were spent as a chorister at King’s College, Cambridge, during which time where he  made recordings for EMI and Decca, and performed internationally, before studying at Trinity College of Music, London.

Exposure to other musical forms and an adventurous spirit saw Ben take a dramatic turn in his early 20s, when he purchased several tonnes of speakers from Dillinger and Lemon D’s ‘Val albumve Sound System’ and started an events company to promote and produce parties with hip hop, drum and bass and dance music DJs and groups.  He also worked for record labels and music platforms, and managed artists including DJ Vadim.  Striving to find the right venues, artists, design, sound, lights and projections, he was creating multi-sensory, immersive experiences people wouldn’t forget.  He is now bringing that immersive experience through the digital medium.

Immersive Album
Co-founded by Chris Cragg and Ben Dawson in June 2012, Immersive was formed to enable and encourage artists and content creators to engage with their audiences by developing immersive, rewarding, interactive experiences that present and enhance their content in the best way possible.  Immersive has made it easy to create, distribute and track brilliant content – without high costs and hassle.  Its technology and platform enables anyone to create digital content packages called Immersive Albums, which provides experiences that create real, measurable, engagement and can be used on phones, tablets, PCs and even VR headsets.