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Charles Caldas – CEO, Merlin – MusicTank

Charles Caldas - CEO, Merlin

With 20 years of experience within the independent music industry, Charles Caldas is particularly passionate about using his skills and knowledge to ensuring that the independent sector moves into the new world of emerging technology and distribution in the healthiest, fairest and strongest manner possible.

During his long-term position as CEO of Shock Records, Australia’s largest and highest-profile independent music company, he gained a deep understanding of the mechanics, drivers and needs of this sector, including its regional issues. He was also heavily involved in new and emerging media technology initiatives.

Charles has been on the boards of ARIA, AIR and WIN, and has been a speaker at many conferences around the globe.

About Merlin:
Merlin enables independents to overcome the historical problems of market fragmentation that have typified the independent music sector.  Facilitating this process will open up the market to independent music in a way that creates the opportunity to capture previously unavailable revenue streams.  Merlin is an inclusive model that seeks to improve the trading environment for the rights holders and other key stakeholders in our sector, such as distributors.

Merlin is about enhancing independents ability to compete in the ever changing market by creating access to new revenue streams for labels and ensuring that services have the access to the widest range of independent repertoire possible.