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Chris Thompson – Founder & MD, D A Recordings Ltd – MusicTank

Chris Thompson - Founder & MD, D A Recordings Ltd

Chris began his musical career as producer with Hardcore Uproar, releasing a string of cult dance records in the early 90’s. Subsequently studying on Britain’s first degree in Commercial Music, Chris graduated, continuing to work as a producer in Birmingham and formed ‘Digital Animal Recordings’.

He and partner Ann-Marie founded D A Recordings Ltd in 2001 – a wholly privately owned online music promotions and marketing organisation supplying the independent music industry with a range of production, marketing, distribution and retail management services.

Building on their early success as a music production outfit, D A Recordings diversified in 2003 recruiting a core team in order to develop and deliver new products and services in the digital domain.

Having developed emusu.com, its own unique end-to-end music download platform, D A’s core business is delivering this service to the independent music sector. D A Recordings has contracts with over 90 record companies and provides their own exclusive music download websites. D A hosts an extensive catalogue of recorded works on its secure servers under non exclusive license including repertoire from Sinatra, Gill Scott Heron, Ennio Morricone, Brian Eno, Jamiroquai, Missy Elliot, RUN DMC and music spanning classical, jazz, world, folk, blues, soul, reggae, dance and rock genres.

D A Recordings holds a Joint Online License (JOL) with the Performing Rights Society and Mechanical Copyright and Protection Society, collectively The Music Alliance. It is a member of Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and The Association of Independent Music (AIM). All D A products and services allow our customers to trade legally within the framework of the music industry protected under these licence and membership agreements.

D A recently won a West Midlands Creative City Award 2005, in the category of ‘Most Outstanding New Business’.