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Dagfinn Bach – President Bach Technology / MusicTank Report Author – MusicTank

Dagfinn Bach - President Bach Technology / MusicTank Report Author

Dagfinn Bach is President, R&D director and co-founder of BACH Technology AS, the company behind the MusicDNA format.  Working for Western Norway Research Institute in the late eighties Dagfinn led a cluster of pilot projects including development of the MP3 in music production and distribution, digitisation of music archives, and the creation of one of the first mixed-mode audio/multimedia CD-ROMs.

Dagfinn went on to become the initiator and coordinator of several important European Commission funded projects, and was appointed external expert and evaluator for the INFO2002 Multimedia Rights Management Systems call for proposals in 1998. Following this Dagfinn was hired as consultant for Nokia Ventures Organisation to conduct a feasibility study on mobile distribution of music in the Chinese mainland market.

Since founding BACH Technology in 2007, Dagfinn has overseen the development of the MusicDNA format.  MusicDNA is a smart media extension that enables music fans to access the wide range of music-related content they want alongside the music itself – from lyrics, artwork and tour dates to blog posts, videos and twitter feeds all in one application.

MusicDNA allows content owners to create products that give back to the music fan that deeper experience they had when music came on a physical format.  Launched at Midem in January 2010, MusicDNA has been hailed as the successor to the MP3 with support from across the value chain, including rights holders, distributors, digital service providers and retailers.