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Dan Klein – Media Accounts Director, Detica – MusicTank

Dan Klein - Media Accounts Director, Detica

Dan’s role is to shape and manage work for Detica’s media clients and take to market propositions around Copyright Infringement.  He is the lead authority in Detica on how ISP’s, Studios and Labels can come together to make money from music and videos on the internet.

As an engineer by profession, Dan has had a varied career having started in Aerospace software design before moving to programme delivery as a management consultant at PA Consulting. At PA he acted as interim Group Programme Director for BT setting up and initially running the £4billion 21CN Programme as well as advising and delivering various other high profile ISP client programmes.

More recently he was the Chief Operating Officer of a business, Crisp Thinking, to protect children from paedophiles on the internet.

Dan is fascinated by how new technologies can disrupt existing business models and revels in being able to find novel applications for seemingly unrelated technologies in order to make money. As a relative new comer to the music and video industries he is enjoying bucking the trend by trying to find ways to legitimise and monetise existing peer to peer file-sharing behaviours.

He has a Masters in Business from the University of Warwick and a Masters in Engineering from the University of Cambridge.