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Dave Lowery – Artist & Commentator – MusicTank

Dave Lowery - Artist & Commentator

Dave Lowery is an American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter; he is the founder of alternative rock band Camper Van Beethoven and co-founder of the more traditional rock band Cracker.  A trained mathematician who has worked as a derivatives trader and financial analyst, he has also started a large number of music-related businesses, including a studio, a record company and a publishing company.

His extensive experience in business led to his appointment as a lecturer in the University of Georgia’s music business program and has latterly built a reputation for incisive industry comment through his renowned blog, Trichordist.
A champion of artists rights, he’s as openly critical of new digital distribution models as he is of the ‘old’ model and most notably came to the fore June 2012, when he published a lengthy and insightful reply to Emily White’s blog post, regarding illegal downloading and artists not being rightfully paid for their songs.  Most recently, he has been raising the issue of brand-funded piracy, calling for action from search engine giants.