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David Harrison – Editor, musictowers.com – MusicTank

David Harrison - Editor, musictowers.com

After working the bar at London’s Jazz Café David Harrison one day got asked by a regular if he knew any HTML suddenly he was caught up in the dotcom boom and founded the ticket window Livegigguide.com. This new web world allowed geeky Megadeth fans like himself to be hired by the great and the good that really didn’t want to know when he was previously selling them his band ‘The Scrutineers’

From travelling the world crafting the Gumball 3000 brand and bringing the Bikini Bandits and Sailor Jerry rum to the UK. In turn launching them on MTV and at Rolling Stones after shows using shameless shock tactics of naked chicks covered in blood. Harrison finally settled in charge of all the online behaviour at Reading and Leeds festival creators Mean Fiddler and in turn recorded the whole of Reading Festival to be sold online live. Alas Mean Fiddler got bought by the evil corporate conglomerate Live Nation and got chopped up into little pieces.

One day while watching all his colleagues be fired he decided to go ask some random Russians for a bunch of money and make a website about music and convinced them that if punters sign up for promotions they could get free downloads and MusicTowers.com was born.

So he spends his days designing websites and CDs for Bands and Festivals and writing witty content for Music Towers while avoiding said Russians. He DJ’s at ATP festivals and runs the Piccadilly Party Stage at Leeds festival where he plays with his Electro Metal DJ outfit Beef Warehouse. He also wonders why he writes about himself in the third person.