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David Stopps – Managing Director of FML International Artist Management – MusicTank

David Stopps - Managing Director of FML International Artist Management

David Stopps started his career as promoter of the famous Friars Club in Aylesbury, England. From 1969-84 he presented pretty much everybody but notably David Bowie, U2, Genesis, The Kinks, Blondie, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Jam, Kraftwerk, The Ramones and The Clash amongst many others. In 2009 he successfully re-opened the Friars Club after a break of 25 years.  With over 90,000 members it is the largest music club in Europe.

In 1982 he went into management originally managing Marillion and then Howard Jones and later still The Fat Lady Sings. These days he still manages Howard Jones who continues to make albums and tour and who has now sold in excess of 8 million albums worldwide. He also provides management consultancy for Miriam Stockley who as the featured singer with Adiemus has sold in excess of 3 million albums. Together with his business partner Joseph Stopps he manages dance mash-up mavericks The Young Punx, Italian multi-genre dance producer and DJ Phonat and provides management consultancy for drum and bass producer and DJ John B. He is often on tour and completed extensive tours of USA, UK, Japan and Australia in 2010-2012.

Stopps is Director of Copyright and Related Rights for the Music Managers Forum UK. He is also a member of the British Copyright Council and from 2002 to 2010 was the United Nations representative for The International Music Managers Forum at WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organisation) in Geneva. At WIPO he represented all featured artists worldwide concerning new international treaty negotiation in the field of copyright and related rights. Stopps is also a member of the Performer Board and the Main Board of UK related rights collective management organisation PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd), which is the largest neighbouring rights collective management organisation in the world.

He is the author of the book “How to make a Living from Music’ which is published by the United Nations. Commissioned by WIPO, the book is mainly targeted at the developing world but is equally useful in developed countries. WIPO have commissioned him to write an update of this book which will be available late in 2012.

In May 2008 he received the MMF Roll of Honour award in London.

Stopps is a Consultant and Educator and has presented a series of international workshops mainly for musical authors, performers, managers, governments and collective management organisations, but also for telcoms, brands and any organisation interested in expanding their business using music. He has presented workshops in Jamaica, Barbados, Canada, Belgium, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, Kenya, Brazil, Thailand, Antigua, Mozambique, Namibia, Indonesia and the UK.

In 2011 he became a senior advisor on Copyright and Related Rights for the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC). He also became a member of the advisory board of international education corporation MuseSpring Inc.

David’s roles to date include: Managing Director of FML International Artist Management; International Music Business Consultant and Music Business Educator; Director of Copyright and Related Rights for the Music Managers Forum UK; Senior Advisor on Copyright and Related; Rights for the Featured Artists Coalition; Board member of PPL and Advisory Board member of MuseSpring Inc.