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Dennis Muirhead – CEO, Muirhead Management – MusicTank

Dennis Muirhead - CEO, Muirhead Management

Back in the 1970’s – when music suddenly bloomed into a hundred different genres and record producers found themselves straddling new art, new technology, new media, new audiences and unbounding popularity – Dennis Muirhead found his groove.

An Aussie by birth and a drugs and music lawyer by profession, he was part of the 70’s exodus of clever young things from Down Under, in his case Adelaide, South Australia, that flowed into London in search of opportunity and excitement.

He was as much a music nut as he was fanatical about cricket and motor racing, and now Chelsea and the Socceroos. So when Dennis met record producer Eddy Offord in the mid ’70’s – opportunity rocked. Not long after, Dennis took Eddy on as a client, and thus probably became the first person in the world to manage record producers.

Eddy (of Yes, ELO, John Lennon – Imagine, Lindisfarne, Levon Helm, Baker Gurvitz Army, Dixie Dreggs, Tinsley Ellis) then introduced Dennis to the very talented Hugh Padgham – one of the rare publicly well-known record producers in the music industry.

Through Eddy and Hugh, Dennis quickly learned a lot about the pressures and the prospects that were emerging in the music industry, particularly for record producers, and in 1982 he launched and became CEO of Muirhead Management. Over the next two decades he worked to build an unrivalled reputation as one of the best producer managers in the world. His clients also included John Brand, Clive Martin, Robin Millar, Nick Patrick, Paul Grabowsky and Denis Woods.

His vast experience and knowledge has allowed Dennis in more recent years to diversify, as a music industry consultant, publisher and mediator, particularly to Hugh Gadsdon (manager of Cheap Hotel, Madness, Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley) and Elizabeth Henshaw (Zephyr); also to a range of Nashville producers and artists including Richard Bennett, RS “Bobby Field”, Mark Moffat, and Billy Swan who represents Dennis’ love of rockabilly (and jazz) and the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis TN.

Dennis was the founding chairman, now Emeritus, of the Music Managers Forum (MMF), which has spread to 15 countries across the globe. He is a member of the CMA UK Advisory Group, the CMA and the Americana Music Association in Nashville. Dennis is also an international music conference moderator, panelist and mentor – SXSW, EAT’M, MIDEM, ITC and PLI (NYC) and MMF Training.