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Dominique Czopor – Venue Owner, The Boileroom & Founder, we:Live – MusicTank

Dominique Czopor - Venue Owner, The Boileroom & Founder, we:Live

Dominique Czopor was the Editor of Independent Music magazine SPILL for 3 years, she then decided to buy an old run down pub and renovate it into a music venue and so The Boileroom was conceived.

She knows only too well terms like license review, noise abatement, environmental heath and license conditions.  In 2007 her music venue was one of the first in the South to have its license reviewed.  Local residents had mounted a 200-strong petition to close her venue and this was submitted to the local authority before it had even opened.

Unable to afford legal advice, she represented herself and her venue and to some extent the community that had supported her.  What was really tough?  She had consulted Environmental Health throughout the £150, 000 renovation process, and had worked closely with them to ensure the soundproofing undertaken was up to standard.

This year long battle with residents, councillors and the local authority resulted in illness, but the tale has a happy ending 2 years on and the venue is still there, with no noise complaints!

She started to investigate and realise that there must be other promoters and venue owners that had suffered the same misfortunes, leading her to question who was representing the needs of promoters venue owners.  It prompted the creation of we:Live a Social Enterprise with CIC status that represents the independent promoter and venue owner.

Dominique was invited by MPS to sit on the review panel for Form 696, and has consulted on the new award for promoters (AMP) established by the BII and due to launch next year.