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Gia Milinovich – Writer, Producer (and self-professed geek!) – MusicTank

Gia Milinovich - Writer, Producer (and self-professed geek!)

Gia Milinovich describes herself as a writer, producer and geek. Her career started in television 15 years ago when she started working as a presenter of entertainment programmes. She started her personal blog 5 years ago after interviewing Douglas Rushkoff who told her blogging was going to change the world.

Her blog was described as ‘Britiain’s answer to Wil Wheaton’ for her personal writing about being a television presenter and during the last American election, it was the focus of attack by Tmerican Fundamentalist Christians because her outspoken anti-Bush views.

Because, however, she’s been busy since July 2005 writing and producing the website for the Danny Boyle, Alex Garland sci-fi film, ‘Sunshine’, developing the online presence of Russian cult film ‘Daywatch’, running a Channel 4’s 121 blogging project and setting up two online media¬† companies, she has unfortunately resorted to updating her personal blog with pictures of her cats and hastily writing short biogs in the third person.