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Gordon Richardson – Beanscene – MusicTank

Gordon Richardson - Beanscene

Following a four-year apprenticeship as a Greenkeeper (had intended to be a pro golfer but ultimately spent too much time in the rough) Gordon Richardson began working in licensed leisure in 1983 while studying full time at Queen’s College, Glasgow. Graduating in 1986, he joined Thistle Hotels as a Graduate Trainee, lasting four months in a monkey suit before joining Alloa Brewery Co as a Trainee Manager at The Granary in Glasgow’s Southside in search of something which was a little bit more ‘rock & roll’.

He spent the next 13 years ‘getting it very right and very wrong in both the leisure and music industries’ (as a musician, manager, producer and label owner) finishing up as Business Development Director of the Big Beat Group/ Launch Director of Beat 106, before leaving in August 1999 to set up Beanscene.

The idea behind Beanscene – the fast growing neighbourhood coffee and music house brand – came when Richardson returned from a break in San Francisco with wife Alison and infant son Tom in tow to discover that there was no child-friendly place to go for espresso.

Launching a strictly non smoking coffee house might have raised a few eyebrows at the time – no one had done it before – but with the Executive’s forthcoming outright ban on smoking in public places, Richardson seems to have been particularly prescient.

Richardson’s habit of keeping one step ahead of the pack continues. His masterplan for 05 is to place Beanscene at the forefront of the revolution currently fracturing the music industry by taking full advantage of the sweeping technological advances that are changing fundamentally how music is accessed and consumed.

From providing a synergetic platform for exposure to emerging artists live instore at its expanding network of outlets throughout Scotland, to the recent launch of www.soundofthescene.com, its unique instore & online radio station through to the innovative means employed to exclusively distribute releases from its own roster of Luna Records artists – physically over the counter instore & digitally via download from its own websites at www.beanscene.com & www.lunarecords.co.uk – Beanscene is ripping to shreds the rule book of where, how and when music is accessed, purchased and consumed.