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Harry Leckstein – MD, Freeport – MusicTank

Harry Leckstein - MD, Freeport

Harry Leckstein is Managing Director of Freeport – an artist management company and independent record label representing Pink Punk, Lady Lykez and Luminous Frenzy.

The company also creates youth music projects for local and national governments, including the acclaimed “London Urban Collective” project that empowers thirty young people to write, record and promote their own album for an independent release under expert guidance.  In 2006 Freeport was nominated for a New Statesmen Edge Upstart Award for  creating Urban Collective and recently the company secured private equity trust funding to launch the project nationwide as British Urban Collective in 2008/09.

Harry is a lecturer in music campaign management and digital music marketing at City University, London and is a consultant to Music Producers Guild UK, Camden Arts and Business Consortium and Creative Islington