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Ian Johnsen – Co-founder, Must Destroy – MusicTank

Ian Johnsen - Co-founder, Must Destroy

Coming from a background in record retail, Ian moved to Vital distribution who at the time was rapidly expanding owing to the success of Oasis.

His inevitable contact with Creation and Alan McGee led to him being offered a position within the label’s production and manufacturing division, before it’s demise a year later. Fortunately, a similar position was available at Alan McGee’s new venture, Poptones.

A casual conversation with Alan McGee, led to him moving into A & R, having spotted a new up and coming band, January. He went on to sign The BellRays, Beachbuggy and Ken Stringfellow.

Whilst at Poptones he met future business partner, Alan Hake, who was also currently working in A&R where he had previously signed The Hives. On becoming redundant they started their own label, Must Destroy, fresh from the success of recent signings whilst at Poptones.

Their first signing was The Darkness with whom they released the first couple of singles, before signing them to Atlantic and with whom they still retain an involvement.