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James Barton – Artist Manager, The Blue Team – MusicTank

James Barton - Artist Manager, The Blue Team

Former promoter, DJ and bass player in bands, James broke in to management in 2005 discovering the then unknown Californian band Orson, whose debut single and album went to No.1 in the UK, scored a million sales and won a Brit Award.

He previously worked with Tony Wilson as commercial director for Manchester music festival In The City and has been an advisor to Record of the Day, the UK’s leading music industry publication, since its launch a decade ago.

In 2010 he established his own company, The Blue Team, to represent his various business interests, which include the management of acclaimed electro-pop artist Bright Light Bright Light and alt-pop newcomers IYES as well as ventures in to TV production and digital book publishing.

An adept commentator on the challenges facing today’s music industry, James’ visionary views have appeared in publications including The Sunday Times and Harvard Business Review.