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Johanna Gibson – MusicTank

Johanna Gibson

Reader in Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary University, London. Johanna holds degrees in cultural and critical theory, animal sciences, and law. Before moving to the UK, Johanna was in commercial practice at the Melbourne offices of Australian national firm, Allens Arthur Robinson, where she specialised in Intellectual Property, Communications, Media and Technology.

Much of Johanna’s research is concerned with intellectual property and socio-economic development. She has consulted to the European Patent Office on future patent policy, the UK Patent Office on copyright and the creative economy, and has participated in expert forums on copyright, digital rights management, and human rights and intellectual property.

Johanna maintains research interests in legal theory and intellectual property law, traditional knowledge and cultural diversity, and the relationship between intellectual property systems and the narration of culture and innovation.

Johanna is widely published in international journals and collections, and is the author of two books, Community Resources: Intellectual Property, International Trade and Protection of Traditional Knowledge (2005) and the recently published Creating Selves: Intellectual Property and the Narration of Culture (2006), in which she explores the way in which intellectual property frameworks have come to dominate popular considerations and debates around innovation and culture, and suggests re-considerations of conventional notions of creativity in the intellectual property debate and of the means by which to encoruage and sustain creativity in contemporary social networks.

Johanna is also general editor of a new intellectual property series for Ashgate Publishing, entitled Intellectual Property, Theory, Culture.