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John Leckie – Producer – MusicTank

John Leckie - Producer

From entering Abbey Road Studios on February 15th 1970 as a tape-operator, to balance engineer, then graduating to produce and help launch the careers of two of the most exciting and influential new rock bands of the nineties by producing their two most significant landmark albums of recent times, The Stone Roses ( The Stone Roses ) & Radiohead ( The Bends ), the career of producer John Leckie continues to be one of the most dynamic, respected and prominent. He is one of the most sought after and well-regarded producers in the business.

John started off working as a tape-operator at Abbey Road with artists such as John Lennon ( Plastic Ono Band ), George Harrison , ( All Things Must Pass ), Syd Barrett ( Barrett ) and first engineering for Pink Floyd, ( Meddle and Wish You Were Here ) Wings/Paul McCartney (Red Rose Speedway, HiHiHi & C’Moon ), Mott The Hoople ( Mott ), Wizzard and Roy Harper  amongst others.

Also during his time at Abbey Road he produced and mixed albums for Be Bop Deluxe ( Axe Victim , Sunburst Finish , Modern Music , Live In The Air Age & Drastic Plastic ), John left Abbey Road in 1978 and produced albums for Simple Minds ( Life in A Day , Real To Real Cacophony and Empires & Dance ), Magazine ( Real Life ), XTC 3D-EP , White Music & Go 2 ), Public Image Limited , (the debut single, Public Image ) plus the infamous and now legendary albums for the Dukes of Stratosphear ( 25 O’Clock & Psonic Psunspot ) and has since worked as a much in a demand freelance producer. He met up with Safta Jaffery when Safta first set up SJP/Dodgy Productions in 1985 where he has to-date been exclusively represented.

With his Music Week award for “Best Producer” (1995), Q Award for “Best Producer” (1996), Brit Award for “Best Producer” (1997), (by a strange coincidence the award came almost 27 years to the day he first started at Abbey Road Studio’s), John also added to his trophy cabinet with the prestigious “Producer of the Year” award at the Music Managers Forum in 2001 which was presented to him by Jimmy Page for recognition for his services as one of the great record producers of his time.