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Kieron Concannon – MD FDM Records – MusicTank

Kieron Concannon - MD FDM Records

Kieron is founder of FDM records, having previously worked extensively as a musician in the world music genre for many years.

Noticing that his son Luke and writing partner John were prodigious talents (Nizlopi), he decided to put a management team together and formed a label to promote them. The result – the formation of FDM records saw Nizlopi storm into the chart with a number one smash hit, the JCB song, in Christmas 2005.

Spurning offers from the majors, FDM pursued a DIY approach to marketing and releasing Nizlopi’s recordings by shrewdly pulling in the assistance and expertise of key personnel spanning publishing, distribution, promotions and pluggers.

Key to the success of the JCB song was the use of a viral video, since when the use of podcasts and videocasts have become a central component of FDM’s approach to marketing its releases.