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Malcolm McKenzie – Artist Manager – MusicTank

Malcolm McKenzie - Artist Manager

I am passionate about music, and am committed to finding and developing the sort of rare talents that all too often are allowed to fall by the wayside, either because the business is more concerned with commerce than art, or because those artists fail to fit into the requisite shaped media boxes.

My mission is to help my artists find an audience and build a sustainable career in both the live and recorded music environments.  I believe that an artists website, and the ability it gives them to maintain a direct dialogue with their audience, is fundamental to that process.

I have had over ten years experience of running my own company as well as 9 years working at a senior level within major music and media corporations and have represented a diverse stable of artists.  During my career I have been involved in all aspects of the business including negotiating a number of major record, publishing and merchandising deals both in the UK and in America, supervising a complex back royalty claim for a major international artist, and setting up complex multiterritory tours all over the world.

Career Summary

Currently: Running my own management business representing emerging rock and metal artists The Union (Payola/Universal), Sylosis (Nuclear Blast), Voodoo Six (White Knuckle/Powerage) and Anterior (Metal Blade).

2006 – 2010: Partner at SuperVision Management.  Responsible for developing a rock and metal roster.  In addition to the acts I still manage, my colleagues and I also represented Sohodolls, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Flood Of Red and Japanese Voyeurs.  Left as a result of the HMV takeover.  I also had special responsibility for researching  new direct to fan models and the technology that supports it, as well as helping CEO Adam Driscoll manage developing Polyphonic Finance initiative.

2002 – 2006: Self employed manager representing a variety of UK and US artists including Laura Veirs (Seattle US), The Everyothers (New York US) and Winterville (UK). Also worked as a consultant for LED screen company PSL.

2000 – 2002: Emap Performance. MD of Music & Events. Had overall budgetary responsibility for all of the divisions brand extensions, including Kiss FM, Smash Hits, Q Magazine, Kerrang, and Magic. Oversaw the 2001 Smash Hits Pollwinners Party which was the most comercially successful show they had ever had, as well as all of their various CD compilation brands and their very successful club business.

1996 – 2000 MTV Networks Europe: Head Of New Business Development (97-99), Head of Eastern Europe, Israel, South Africa and Turkey (99-00). In 1999 I was responsible for creating and overseeing the MTV Ibiza Festival which went on to win a Dance Star Award for best event of the year. Later in my final year I was responsible for re-launching MTV in Israel and Turkey, and was part of the team which launched MTV Polska.