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Marie-Agnès Beau – Manager, French Music Bureau, London – MusicTank

Marie-Agnès Beau - Manager, French Music Bureau, London

Marie-Agnès opened the French Music Bureau in London in May 1999, representing both the French music industry and government to promote the French popular contemporary music in the UK.

Based at the Institut Francais in London, its aim is to act as consultant and offer assistance in the promotional development of artists from all genres of French popular contemporary music, to boost awareness within the media, industry and educational fields.

Two of her main assets are to promote French artists through workshops in schools and universities, and the “métissages” from France, the hybrid projects which draw from many sources, especially those “global sounds” which can fit the UK club oriented market. She is launching a comparative market research of both French and British markets which should be a very useful tool for everyone.

MAB was executive manager of the French Music Export Office in Paris from its creation in 1993 until the opening of the London music office. She created the ‘Music News From France’ magazine and was instrumental in setting up the French Music Office in Germany and the European Music Office in Brussels.

In the previous ten years MAB held senior positions in the domestic and international marketing departments at several French majors (including Polygram, CBS and EMI). She has also managed and co-produced African, Arabic, rap and ragga artists since the 80s when she started in the music business exporting African records to the Caribbean for a British reggae producer.