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Michael Bornhäusser – Chief Executive Officer, SDC – MusicTank

Michael Bornhäusser - Chief Executive Officer, SDC

Michael Bornhäusser is co-founder, CEO and member of the board at SDC, with responsibility for the company’s overall strategic vision and implementation.

SDC announced a partnership with Amobee to create the first fully integrated, ad-funded music/music video download to mobile service at Midem ’07.  The service, which enables ads to be tailored to listening habits, has its first trials over summer. Amobee will take care of the ad service; SDC meanwhile has the client cabalities and the ability to dynamically ‘push’ interactive ads to the user, enabling it to report back what tracks the user has on their phone and what they are doing with it, thus enabling ads to be tailored to listening habits.

Bornhäusser has a vast amount of experience within the rich media content industry – an early German private radio pioneer, he sat on the management board of several stations prior to establishing MMK AG in 1994 to focus on the emerging multimedia communication space and starting the DRM development. In 1998, MMK merged with Pixelpark, the leading Internet service company owned by Bertelsmann, and Bornhäusser became managing director, consulting.

Bornhäusser founded SDC AG in 1998 with Rolf Brugger and other partners as a pre-merger spin off of MMK. He is also a co-founder, CEO and member of the board of Digital World Services (DWS), the European market leader of content delivery platforms which was acquired by Michael Bornhäusser, Rolf Brugger and their partners in 2003 from Bertelsmann.

He has lectured at the Institute for Media Management in the University of St Gallen (HSG) and is member of the steering committee of I-Net Basle a government driven think tank. He is non-executive member of the board of various companies.