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Nathalie McDermott – Founder & Director, On Road Media – MusicTank

Nathalie McDermott - Founder & Director, On Road Media

Nathalie is from Dublin arriving in London 7 years ago to do an MA in international journalism. She went on to become a freelance producer at the BBC but soon jumped ship from the very safe institution of ‘the beeb’ to a very different sort of institution; Wandsworth men’s prison, London. There, she set up the Prison Radio Outreach Project for Media for Development where working with prisoners for 3 years gave her a passion for citizen journalism and podcasting.

“Through citizen journalism we gain closer access to the truth through people who have first-hand knowledge of the issues at hand.”

A couple of years ago Nathalie set up the social enterprise, On Road Media who work with marginalised groups and voluntary sector organisations providing training for them to use social media and to podcast.

Says Nathalie: “It worries me that the vast majority of people who produce blogs and podcasts, and who comment on forums online, are from the same demographic that produces mainstream media. We at On Road Media want to make sure that that does not become the trend!”