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Nico Köpke – CEO, Kodime Ltd – MusicTank

Nico Köpke - CEO, Kodime Ltd

Nico has more than 15 years of international frontline experience in digital media, marketing, content and technology.  Prior to founding Kodime, he held the position of SVP New Media Sony Music Europe, actively developing and overseeing all Online activities in the region.  Under his direction Sony Music successfully established a network of recording artist destinations and communities, opening up new consumer marketing channels, and reaching significant audiences and subsequent ecommerce opportunities.  He introduced multi-channel digital content management, established a web services infrastructure, pioneered digital music distribution and created new business initiatives with portals and mobile services.

Prior to his European role at Sony Music, Nico set up a new marketing department at Sony Music Germany, actively targeting brand advertisers and media partners for cross-marketing and events, creating campaigns with partners such as Coca-Cola, Giorgio and SAT.1 TV.  Nico holds an MA in Media & Communication Sciences from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, is married and has two daughters.

Having written, recorded and produced music for stage and television, he continues to improve his guitar playing, time allowing!

Kodime Ltd is a mobile marketing and digital commerce solutions provider.  Kodime develops and provides innovative software as a service to marketing, music, media and property businesses, enabling them to engage their increasingly mobile target audiences and customers. Kodime’s product portfolio includes award-winning solutions such as PROPtxt, STARtxt and ZOOMtxt. Using STARtxt, Kodime enables music and media companies such a single artists, management companies, music publishers and record companies to easily manage, promote and sell digital content for personal digital devices.