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Paul Swaddle – Marketing Director, Pocket Group – MusicTank

Paul Swaddle - Marketing Director, Pocket Group

Paul has been Marketing Director for Pocket Group for the past 3 years.  He has worked with various brands and media owners to deliver solutions for record labels, charities, political parties and media owners across operators and direct to consumer channels globally.  These solutions have driven content downloads but have additionally built end user databases and extending brand reach to new audiences.

Originally from a Multi Channel TV background specialising in customer retention and loyalty, he joined the mobile industry in the late 90s.  First with Vizzavi and then La Netro zed, Paul helped launch Yahoo! mobile and has seen the industry progress from basic text marketing techniques to the multitude of options available today.  A traditionally trained marketeer Paul has always been at the front of ‘new media’ marketing and embraces new technology and media for what they can deliver to the customer user experience.