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Philip Murphy – Co-founder & Group Managing Director, Channelfly – MusicTank

Philip Murphy - Co-founder & Group Managing Director, Channelfly

Philip’s original background was as a solicitor specialising in intellectual property law. In 1996 he moved out of private practice to take on a role as legal director for an online entertainment company, and since then has stuck to being a client of law firms.

Philip co-founded the Channelfly group with Adam Driscoll in May 1999 and, as Group Managing Director, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Group’s operations and jointly responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the group. Channelfly’s main business operations include artist and producer management (SuperVision and Stephen Budd Management), live music venues (the Barfly group) and magazine publication (The Fly). The group also has involvement in websites, radio broadcasting and student and youth marketing.