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Roger La Haye – Royalty Audit Consultant – MusicTank

Roger La Haye - Royalty Audit Consultant

Roger La Haye has worked in the music industry for 40 years, specialising in royalties and copyrights.

For the first 20 years Roger worked for various independent record and music publishing companies such as United Artists, Dick James, Charisma and Stiff before becoming General Manager of the publishing division of Mute Records.

In 1990 he set up on his own as a royalty auditor.  There followed a period of consultancy for a firm of West End accountants with a large music clientele until in 1998 Roger founded De La Haye Royalty Services, a company offering a range of services connected with royalties and copyrights but specialising in the forensic auditing of royalty income streams to recording artists and song-writers.

In June 2013 Roger formed The Royalty Consultancy with former employee, Matt Clark.  The Royalty Consultancy continues to specialise in forensic royalty auditing in the world of music and is also extending its services into the world of merchandising.