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Sam Kleinman – Director, Craze Productions – MusicTank

Sam Kleinman - Director, Craze Productions

Sam Kleinman was born in NYC, speaks horrible accented English and has been in the music business for more than 25 years.  He ran the first USA indie label to sell CDs in the US and later ran BCM records in the early 1990’s – the most successful private record company in Europe with acts such as De La Soul, Digital Underground, Steve B and Latoya Jackson, in turn spurning over 40 chart hits.

Sam left the business for 8 years and in 2002 decided to come back.  Seeing how huge Napster was, Sam concluded that the future was indeed Digital and thus founded Craze Productions – a digital record label.  Sam’s moto: “I don’t work to make money, I work to be successful, I love what I do.  Money comes when you are successful, not the other way around!  Don’t be in the music business to make money, be in it to be famous and successful, the money will follow! If you want to make money, do Buy-To-Let…”

About Craze…
Craze Productions is a leading digital record label and distributes on many digital platforms – online, mobile, 3G, video call, online video streaming and P2P networks.

It is involved with many ground breaking distribution methods – the Interactive Channel on SKY TV, video-on-demand and direct stream to mobile, and was the first P2P web station enabling live broadcasting from literally anywhere in the world.  Craze has also developed  ‘MMS and BUY’ allowing users to point their mobile at any UK chart single audio source, send it via MMS and by return, receive link to buy the music – and all in just 2 clicks!

With exclusive rights to some of music’s biggest sellers – Ashanti, Aaliyah, Kool And The Gang, atomic kitten, Blue, Liberty X, Warren G with Snoop Dogg  Boyz2men and many more, Craze also digitally distributes the largest Hip-Hop catalogue in the world and includes exclusive rights to all Timbaland’s albums from the mid-90’s through to the present.