Sam Shemtob - Associate Director, MusicTank / Managing Director, Name PR

Following a career that mixed work experience at music TV and record companies with a graduate traineeship at Guinness, Sam left pr company Lynne Franks in 1999 to work more closely with music. His fledgling company Name took on its first serious music client in 2000, with a four-day commission for a young AIM.  This led to eight years managing the press for one of the industry’s most proactive and exciting bodies, notching up important fair play wins with MTV, iTunes and others along the way.

In 2003 University of Westminster commissioned Name to launch MusicTank in 2003. Some ten years later, Sam is still with MusicTank as its Associate Director, chiefly responsible for developing MusicTank’s high level think tank series.

Name’s other clients include indies’ global licensing agency Merlin and the Association of Independent Festivals.