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Simon Burke-Kennedy – MusicTank

Simon Burke-Kennedy

Simon Burke-Kennedy has a music business background that includes a two year stint as label manager at Distinct’ive, one of the UK’s leading dance labels.  He has worked with artists including Todd Terry, Chris Coco, Way Out West, Steve Mac, MJ Cole and Hybrid, and has also co-ordinated numerous remix projects and overseas album licensing deals.

He currently brings this experience to TuneTribe.com and most recently helping to develop ArisingArtist.com as a unique A&R platform for artists, bands and labels. In addition to this role, Simon has recently set up the music consultancy and publishing company Pocket Rocket Music. The Pocket Rocket roster includes ILS, William Kinman (Son Of The Electric Ghost, Bil Bless, the disciple Grin), Donna Dee, Jake Halls (Sneaky Kreeps) and ‘O Children’.